Elden Media - Video Production, Denver CO | ABOUT
I have always been intrigued, motivated, and challenged by 
the world of marketing and advertising.
How can I produce a video, or take a photograph, 
that can inspire the desire for a product, an organization, 
or even an idea?
From starting my first business, through national positions and ventures, 
I constantly strive to further the importance and the power of professional marketing for small businesses.
Whether you advertise in a magazine, on television, online, by email/snail mail/social media/insta-life/cyberspace/
or any other realm, the necessity of high-quality marketing imagery is top priority.
WE produce what THEY see first.
At Elden Media, we work closely with you to create the most professional, 
unique, impactful, economic, inspiring and powerful video and photography 
production that truly showcases your business.
If you believe in your product, 
we‘ll show the world why they should too.
Michael Bielecki 
. corporate promotional videos, commercials, trailers .
. live event coverage .
. action sports and competitions .
. instructional tutorial and how-to videos .
. restaurant promos, interviews, cooking classes .
. music videos & live performance for bands .

providing your company with
. highest-quality HD video and photography .
. cutting edge equipment and editing services .
. personal service and careful attention to detail .
. extremely competitive rates/guaranteed satisfaction .
. professional photography services .
portraits, head shots, product photos, event coverage, architectural, and more
. Graphic Design .
logos, brochures, flyers, business cards, and more
- videos delivered in highest-quality HD format -
- share via your Website, YouTube, Facebook, email blasts, and more -
- rock your social media exposure and gain an edge above the competition -
All the way from Denver and Boulder Colorado to Phoenix, Tempe, and the rest of Arizona, you're in the perfect environment to help your business succeed.  
We go anywhere your business needs to be.  Let us help you take it there.